Santee dentist office

Santee Dentist Office

Preventive care in Santee

At San Diego Center for Laser Dentistry, our practice is dedicated to safeguarding the health of your smile. We offer a comprehensive range of services including a state-of-the-art preventive dental care program for patients of all ages. By visiting our Santee dentist office just twice a year for checkups, we can provide you and your loved ones with the professional oversight, hands-on instruction, and personalized treatments so necessary for establishing and maintaining a clean, healthy smile.

While you may not give it much thought, there are millions of bacteria inside your mouth. While much of these bacteria are good for us, there are a handful of harmful types that reside in dental plaque. These particular bacteria are the ones primarily responsible for the development of both tooth decay and gum disease. While maintaining good oral hygiene practices at home is essential for the prevention of dental disease, in addition to brushing, preferably after meals, and flossing daily, the American Dental Associations advises patients to schedule semi-annual checkups at your Santee dentist office. When you visit our office for your checkup, our dentist will be able to assess the health of your smile as well as evaluate your oral care technique at home, providing personalized instruction as needed. We’ll also perform a comprehensive oral examination to screen for a sweeping range of dental issues. By visiting us just twice a year for your checkup, we can provide you with the professional oversight necessary to detect dental issues at their earliest, when intervention is easiest. As part of our comprehensive program of preventive care, we perform a professional teeth cleaning to remove any residual accumulations of plaque, tartar, and debris from areas that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush and floss.

Together with the help of our Santee dentist office, we can help you and your loved ones almost entirely prevent the onset of dental disease! To schedule your next checkup with our skilled and gentle dentist, give a call to San Diego Center for Laser Dentistry today!

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