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Dentist in 92071

Has it been a long time since you last visited your dentist in 92071? The American Dental Association encourages patients to schedule visits at least every six months for routine preventive care—but if you haven’t, don’t feel embarrassed! It’s what you decide to do moving forward that makes all the difference! At San Diego Center for Laser Dentistry, their experienced dentist makes use of the foremost treatment modalities for the increased precision, comfort, and convenience of his patients. Providing a sweeping array of dentistry services, from the urgent treatment of dental pain, to the essentials in preventive care for patients of all ages, Dr. Anthony R. Cardoza has established a reputation for excellence and is committed to helping his patients establish and continue to maintain excellent oral health.

Dentist in 92071

When it comes to preventing dental disease, practicing good oral hygiene plays a critical role. If you already brush and floss daily, keep up the good work! By ridding dental plaque from your teeth and gums, you can reduce the likelihood of dental decay and the development of gum disease. When dental plaque isn’t routinely removed, it hardens into tartar and becomes nearly impossible to remove without the help of a professional. Even with a solid oral care regimen at home, coming in for a checkup every six months is essential for maintaining your oral health. Providing a professional teeth cleaning, any hardened plaque that has escaped your reach will be expertly removed. If you have crooked teeth, extensive dental work, or are at increased risk for certain dental conditions, your dentist in 92071 will guide you in the best methods for maintaining optimal oral health and hygiene. As part of a preventive program of care, a comprehensive oral examination is essential for assessing your oral health and function as well as detecting a range of dental conditions, from the first signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease, to screenings for oral cancer.

It’s time to get proactive about your oral health. By committing to a regular oral care regimen at home and scheduling checkups just twice a year, you and your dentist can almost entirely prevent the most common dental conditions! To schedule your next checkup, give a call to your friendly dentist in 92071 at San Diego Center for Laser Dentistry today.

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